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Grandparently is always looking for new contributing authors. If you are a skilled and talented writer with knowledge or expertise related to Grandparents and/or Grandchildren we invite you to pitch your article idea. To keep it sane for everyone, review and follow the process below to become a Grandparently writer.

  1. Subscribe to our email list – Keep yourself updated on what is being published.
  2. Read what is currently published on Grandparently. The best article pitches come from those who understand our audience, and write in a way that meshes with our style and tone. This will also keep you from pitching an article that is a duplicate of something already posted.
  3. Review our Article Guidelines, Copyright and Attribution Information – You must accept the stipulations made in this document in order to submit an article pitch.
  4. Submit your pitch – Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your article pitch. Article pitch elements include:
    1. Your proposed headline and subtitle
    2. An outline of the your article idea
    3. Your proposed article length
    4. Agreement to the stipulations in the Article Guideline and Copyright and Attribution Information
    5. Contact information – Name – email – phone
    6. Links to 2 or 3 articles that show your best work
  5. Get a response – After you submit you pitch, hold tight while it is reviewed. You will be contacted to:
    1. Let you know if we are not interested in your article pitch.
    2. Let you know that we might be interested if you made certain revisions.
    3. Let you know that we are interested – We will make an article assignment with a due date (please note that an assignment is NOT a guarantee of publication).
  6. Write up your assignment – This is where you let your quality show.
    1. When we make an assignment, if you are a new author, we will send you a copy of our Grandparently Writers Guide. It will help you start off on the same page as the editors reviewing your article.
    2. Make sure as you write and edit your article you are consistent with the Writers Guide and provide your best work.
    3. If you elect to include photos for the article, make sure they are free from copyright restrictions.
    4. You will be given a deadline at this time.
    5. You will also be informed if this article will have your byline or not (or if we have not yet decided)
      1. If we are considering giving you a byline you will need to provide a photo, a short biography. You may also provide social media links.
  7. Submit article (on time) – Article quality will determine our final decision about publication
    1. Your article may at this point be accepted for publication without revision and a publication date will be set.
    2. If the article requires revision, you will be given detailed feedback and a new deadline.
    3. If your article is rejected, you will be informed and all rights related to the article will revert back to you.
  8. Publication
    1. Your article and biography may be edited before publication
    2. Social media links may or may not be included (most generally are)
    3. A publication date will be set for your article.
    4. Payment will be issued upon publication
    5. If you are being given attribution for the article you are expected to monitor and respond to comments about the article on the day of publication and check in on comments for several days following.
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