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Indoor Game: Heads up, Seven Up Rules for the game Heads up, Seven Up!

Players Required: 14 minimum
Ages:  4  and up

Game Overview:
Seven people guess who picked them while their eyes were closed.

How to Play:

  • Choose seven people to stand in a line along a wall. Everyone else find a place to sit.Girl thumbs up
  • Someone, either an adult or one of the seven people in the line, calls “Heads down, thumbs up!”.
  • Those who are sitting put their heads down, shutting and covering their eyes. They put the hand not covering their eyes in a thumbs-up near their head.
  • The seven people from the line walk among those with their heads down. They each pick one person by gently pushing down their thumb.
  • After each person has put down a thumb and gotten back together in a line along a wall, the adult calls “Heads up, seven up!” and everyone opens their eyes and raises their heads.
  • The seven people who had their thumb pushed down stand up.
  • Going in any order, each person who had their thumb pushed down gets one guess as to who pushed their thumb down.
  • If they were correct, the person who pushed their thumb down sits down in their place and they join the line of seven.
  • If they were wrong, they sit back down.
  • After each person who had their thumb pushed down has guessed and either joined the line or sat back down, the remaining of the original line of seven tell, in order, whose thumb they pushed down.
  • The next round begins, with those who guessed correctly part of the seven pushing down thumbs.


  • The barest minimum number of people that could play this game would be six. It would no longer be Heads Up, Seven Up, but rather Heads Up, Three Up. The same rules apply, although the game would not be as fun with so few people.
  • Be gentle when you push down someone’s thumb. Do not touch it so lightly that they don’t know that it is supposed to go down, but don’t smash it into their hand.
  • This game is easier on those being chosen if they have something in front of them to rest their heads on, such as a table or desk.
  • This is a good way to keep a large group of children occupied.