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Rules for Duck, Duck, Goose

Indoor Game: Duck Duck Goose Rules for a Wild Goose Chase

Players Required: five minimum
Ages: 3  and up

Game Overview:
Chasing someone around a circle; trying not to end up in the pot.

How to Play:

  • Choose someone to be the person to walk around the circle- the Goose.
  • The rest of the players, Hunters, sit in a circle.
  • The Goose walks around the circle, tapping each Hunter on the head.
  • With each Hunter, each tap, that the Goose says “Duck”, the Hunter who was tapped continues to sit.
  • When the Goose taps someone on the head and says “Goose”, the Hunter who was tapped stands up and chases the Goose around the circle, trying to tag them.
  • The Goose runs around the circle and has to sit down int the Hunter’s spot without being tagged.
  • If the Goose makes it safely around the circle, the Hunter becomes the Goose.
  • It the Hunter successfully tags the Goose, the Goose sits in the Pot, the center of the circle, for three rounds before rejoining the game as a Hunter in the circle.


  • If the amount of players you have is not very conducive to having caught Geese sitting in the Pot, you can alter it to be that if the Goose gets tagged by the Hunter, the Hunter sits back down and the Goose has to go another round as the Goose.