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Senator Warren, a Granddaughter, and the Valentine’s Day Cake A Grandparent on Valentines Day

Senator Warren Making Valentines Day Cake with Granddaughter

February 14, 2015 – On her blog and Facebook page today, Senator and Grandma Elizabeth Warren shared images of her baking a heart shaped Valentine’s Day cake with her granddaughter. Linking reflections about her tradition of baking a heart shaped cake for her mother, who was born of Valentine’s Day, and died from heart disease, to the need for funding …

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Grandparent Valentine Ideas to Say “I Love You Grandchild”

Making Valentines Gifts

Aside from traditional store-bought cards and gifts, there are a wealth of gifts that can be personally created by grandparents for their grandchildren. Whether your grandchild¬†lives nearby, or you are separated by many miles, you can make valentines a special day for your grandchildren. For the Little Ones For grandchildren between the ages of infancy and early elementary school, a …

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