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Grandparents Day Around the World When is Grandparents Day Celebrated in other Countries?

Grandparents Day Around the World

Grandparents Day began in the United States in 1978. It has spread to numerous countries world-wide. While many countries celebrate some form of grandparents there is no recognized world wide Grandparents Day. Some countries set a specific day (ex: July 26th), while others set it on a particular weekend (ex: 2nd Sunday of October). In Australia, Grandparents Day has been adopted one state at …

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Senator Warren, a Granddaughter, and the Valentine’s Day Cake A Grandparent on Valentines Day

Senator Warren Making Valentines Day Cake with Granddaughter

February 14, 2015 – On her blog and Facebook page today, Senator and Grandma Elizabeth Warren shared images of her baking a heart shaped Valentine’s Day cake with her granddaughter. Linking reflections about her tradition of baking a heart shaped cake for her mother, who was born of Valentine’s Day, and died from heart disease, to the need for funding …

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Traditions – “You Are Special Today” Red Plate

Red plate tradition for parents grandparents and grandchildren

Family traditions are anchors. They tie us to family identity and hold us fast during the storms of life. As a grandparent you have the opportunity to create traditions both in your time with grandchildren but also as you support your children as parents who are making traditions of their own. One favorite family tradition is the “Red Plate Tradition.” On the surface it …

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