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Indoor Game: Duck Duck Goose Rules for a Wild Goose Chase

Rules for Duck, Duck, Goose

Players Required: five minimum Ages: 3  and up Game Overview: Chasing someone around a circle; trying not to end up in the pot. How to Play: Choose someone to be the person to walk around the circle- the Goose. The rest of the players, Hunters, sit in a circle. The Goose walks around the circle, tapping each Hunter on the head. With each Hunter, …

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Indoor Game: Sardines Rule for the Game of Sardines; the Inverse of Hide and Go Seek

rules for the game sardines

Players Required: 3 minimum Ages:  4 and up Game Overview: The inverse of Hide and Go Seek, everyone looks for one person and joins them once they are found. How to Play: As in Hide and Go Seek, determine which areas are out of bounds. Remind everyone that the hiding place of the Sardine must be big enough to fit …

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Indoor Game: Heads up, Seven Up Rules for the game Heads up, Seven Up!

Thumb game

Players Required: 14 minimum Ages:  4  and up Game Overview: Seven people guess who picked them while their eyes were closed. How to Play: Choose seven people to stand in a line along a wall. Everyone else find a place to sit. Someone, either an adult or one of the seven people in the line, calls “Heads down, thumbs up!”. …

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Outdoor Game: Tag Rules for the game of Tag

kids playing tag

Players Required: 3 minimum Ages: 4 and up Game Overview: A great way to eat up energy, this game is all about running away from the person who’s It. How to Play: Choose one person to be It. The person who is It then chases all of the Non-Its. The Non-Its run amok trying to avoid It. If a Non-It …

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Game Time with the Grandkids Game Suggestions for School-Aged Kids

Games with Grandkids

With nasty weather trapping thousands in the house this winter, school aged kids naturally get pretty bored after school. Many kids turn to electronic gadgets to fill their after-school hours. However, there is a limit to how many times kids can play Angry Birds and other video games. Additionally, many kids get antsy and irritable when they spend too much …

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