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Grandparents Day 2015 Save the Date: September 13, 2015

Grandparents Day 2015

National Grandparents Day is a relatively new holiday in the United States. Celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day, this year, Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 13, 2015. In the 1979 proclamation establishing the first Grandparents Day in the United States, President Jimmy Carter said: Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near-past, to the events and beliefs and experiences that …

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The Grandparent Scam Explained: What you need to know Fraud Awareness Education Helps

Western Union Grandparent Scam Video

Awakened by a phone call from a grandchild who is in trouble; of course you want to help. No-one ever thinks they could be tricked by a con, but fraudsters can be so good at social and emotional manipulation they might get past our best defenses. The “grandparent scam” has been reported to law enforcement for years and is still very …

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The Grandparent You Want to Be – Creating Your Grandparent Identity

Finding Your Grandparent Identity

It’s not often that you get to totally remake your identity, especially after the age of about 50. But in the eyes of your young grandchildren, you aren’t anyone else except for grandma or grandpa. Grandparenting gives you this chance and it’s good to give some thought to how you want the little one to see you. In other words, …

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Grandparenting Across the Pond – Staying in Your Transcontinental Grandkids’ Lives

Grandparenting when you Grandchild is in a different country

It’s exciting to have grandchildren no matter where they are, but it can be a little heartbreaking when there’s an ocean between you. In our world today, it’s increasingly common for people to go overseas for work. It’s also increasingly common for people to make the permanent move abroad and “go native” in their new adopted home. If you find …

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Grandparently – A Definition

There are various names which apply to different roles and relationships. The same person is at different times (or in different relationships) a boy, man, father, or grandfather. This applies in the same way to girl, woman, mother and grandmother. Each of these words is a noun. They indicate a person but lack any indication of action or intent. It is possible to be a grandmother …

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