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Review – GrandLoving, Making Memories with Your Grandchildren




GrandLoving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren, Babies to Teens-Near or Far. Written by Sue Johnson, Julie Carlson and Elizabeth Bower. This mother, daughter-in-law, and daughter team of former teachers have written a book that has won the Mom’s Choice Award for excellence. This book is full of advice, tips, activities, crafts, and resources for every grandparent. They approach the role of grandparent as an opportunity to help families grow together. Read this book with willing heart and openness to new ideas. They have created a wonderful guide for connecting with your grandchild no matter what their age. Softcover binding, 268 pages, US Price $18.95


The chapters in GrandLoving start with Nine Months and Counting and go on to address: babies & toddlers, long distance grandchildren, when grandchildren visit, holiday & family traditions. It does not shy away from the teenage years and gives ways for grandparents to continue to be involved in the lives of their grandchildren as they grow. At the end of each chapter there is a summation of ‘Quick Tips’ that bring all of the ideas together. We found the suggested activities and crafts to be well explained and affordable. Each activity listed has: a description, suggested age level, list of supplies needed and how to do it. The goal of each project is to make meaningful memories with your grandchild.

The end of the book has comprehensive lists of: resources for grandparents, pamphlets and newsletters for grandparents, helpful books on child development and family relationships, advocacy groups for children, suggested catalogues, websites, magazines and books by age group. These resources help you continue to explore and connect in meaningful ways with your grandchild.

Reading GrandLoving feels like you are having coffee with one of your friends. Each chapter shares personal experience of the authors or advice from one of the 350 families worldwide who have contributed to this book. The book is full of encouragement to try new things, hints that help you remember potential pitfalls and the all the ideas you need to make loving memories with your grandchild. We are reminded “You are your family’s connection to the past with your personal stories, photos, activities and traditions.”

Overall Value

Grandloving is a valuable book for your library. Barbara Graham, author of Eye of My Heart.. Pleasures and Perils of being a Grandmother says of the book: “The ultimate guide for grandparents who want to bond with their grandchildren and keep them entertained, but aren’t exactly sure how.” You will have plenty of ideas with this book!

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