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Red plate tradition for parents grandparents and grandchildren

Traditions – “You Are Special Today” Red Plate

Family traditions are anchors. They tie us to family identity and hold us fast during the storms of life. As a grandparent you have the opportunity to create traditions both in your time with grandchildren but also as you support your children as parents who are making traditions of their own.

One favorite family tradition is the “Red Plate Tradition.” On the surface it is simple, set a red plate at someones place at table denoting them up for special recognition at that meal. The reasons can be varied:

  • Good grades
  • Birthday or anniversary
  • Getting a part in the playRed-Plate
  • Recognition of kindness or helpfulness
  • A promotion

According to representatives at The Red Plate Store, a website devoted to this tradition:

In its simplest form, the Red Plate tradition is about celebrating the best in all of us. Setting the Red Plate at someone’s place at table is a reminder that all of life’s achievements, the ordinary and extraordinary, involve someone special.

Their site features numerous stories of the red plate that show how families live this tradition and celebrate the special moments that make up the story of life.

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