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10 Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Fun with the Grandkids

St Patrick's Day Ideas for Grandkids

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. It doesn’t have the good PR of Christmas or Halloween, but there are plenty of ways you can make it fun for your grandkids. Here are 10 ideas for things to do with your grandkids on St. Patrick’s Day. Make Goofy Shamrock Hats Make a silly shamrock hat out of a paper …

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Game Time with the Grandkids Game Suggestions for School-Aged Kids

Games with Grandkids

With nasty weather trapping thousands in the house this winter, school aged kids naturally get pretty bored after school. Many kids turn to electronic gadgets to fill their after-school hours. However, there is a limit to how many times kids can play Angry Birds and other video games. Additionally, many kids get antsy and irritable when they spend too much …

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Introducing Your Dog to Your New Grandchild

Dog and granddaughter

Dogs are pack animals by nature. In time, your dog will come to see the grandchild as another member of its “pack” (your family). But things may be rocky at first. The key is to be well-prepared and control the situation when your dog meets your grandchild. If you haven’t already, please read this general article on introducing pets and …

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Introducing Your Grandchild to Your Pets Tips for Welcoming the Newest Member of Your Family -

pets and grandchildren

Tips for Welcoming the Newest Member of Your Family – Animals and children naturally get along. Your pet will love the attention it gets from its new little human friend and the baby will love its furry playmate. But things aren’t always easy. Tails can get pulled and babies can get attacked, so it’s a good idea to prepare well and …

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The Grandparent Scam Explained: What you need to know Fraud Awareness Education Helps

Western Union Grandparent Scam Video

Awakened by a phone call from a grandchild who is in trouble; of course you want to help. No-one ever thinks they could be tricked by a con, but fraudsters can be so good at social and emotional manipulation they might get past our best defenses. The “grandparent scam” has been reported to law enforcement for years and is still very …

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New Grandparent Survival Kit – Supplies to Have on-Hand for Your New Grandbaby

Grandparent Survival Kit

When you have a grandchild on the way, one of the best ways to get ready is to line up all of the supplies you need. You should talk to the parents-to-be about what specific supplies they’d like you to have on-hand, but here is a checklist of common must-have items for new grandparents. Diapers. It’s helpful for the grandparents …

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Soothing a Fussing Baby – Calming and Comforting 101

Soothing a Fussy Baby

Ah, the joys of being a grandparent! Watching the precious little one crawl around exploring the world for the first time… Seeing them take their first few bites of solid food… The smiles and the irresistible baby giggles when you tickle them… Here’s one you forgot about – The hours-long crying jags that make every adult within hearing distance want …

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Grandparent Valentine Ideas to Say “I Love You Grandchild”

Making Valentines Gifts

Aside from traditional store-bought cards and gifts, there are a wealth of gifts that can be personally created by grandparents for their grandchildren. Whether your grandchild lives nearby, or you are separated by many miles, you can make valentines a special day for your grandchildren. For the Little Ones For grandchildren between the ages of infancy and early elementary school, a …

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Childproofing Your Home for Active Toddlers – Toddler-Proofing Made Simple

Child proofing for grandchild safety

Every grandparent wants their grandchildren to be safe and happy. A few simple precautions can help you make your home a safe environment for your grandkids. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, the leading causes of nonfatal injuries for children under the age of nine are falls, strikes from or against hard objects, animal bites and bee …

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Low Tech Fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s House

Activities with Grandchildren

How to Beat Your Grandkids’ Digital Devices –  We live in a high-tech age where nearly everyone carries a handheld computer in their pocket. These devices can turn people into “smartphone zombies” and that includes your grandchildren. All of this is tough for analog grandparents to understand. What on that tiny screen could possibly be so amazing or interesting? While …

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