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Indoor Game: Duck Duck Goose Rules for a Wild Goose Chase

Rules for Duck, Duck, Goose

Players Required: five minimum Ages: 3  and up Game Overview: Chasing someone around a circle; trying not to end up in the pot. How to Play: Choose someone to be the person to walk around the circle- the Goose. The rest of the players, Hunters, sit in a circle. The Goose walks around the circle, tapping each Hunter on the head. With each Hunter, …

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Indoor Game: Sardines Rule for the Game of Sardines; the Inverse of Hide and Go Seek

rules for the game sardines

Players Required: 3 minimum Ages:  4 and up Game Overview: The inverse of Hide and Go Seek, everyone looks for one person and joins them once they are found. How to Play: As in Hide and Go Seek, determine which areas are out of bounds. Remind everyone that the hiding place of the Sardine must be big enough to fit …

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Indoor Game: Heads up, Seven Up Rules for the game Heads up, Seven Up!

Thumb game

Players Required: 14 minimum Ages:  4  and up Game Overview: Seven people guess who picked them while their eyes were closed. How to Play: Choose seven people to stand in a line along a wall. Everyone else find a place to sit. Someone, either an adult or one of the seven people in the line, calls “Heads down, thumbs up!”. …

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Outdoor Game: Tag Rules for the game of Tag

kids playing tag

Players Required: 3 minimum Ages: 4 and up Game Overview: A great way to eat up energy, this game is all about running away from the person who’s It. How to Play: Choose one person to be It. The person who is It then chases all of the Non-Its. The Non-Its run amok trying to avoid It. If a Non-It …

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