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Who Will Inherit Your Facebook Page? US users can now appoint an heir for their account

Facebook legacy page

February 12, 2015 – New media brings new questions; What happens to my Facebook account when I die? Up till now you could only elect to have your account permanently deleted when you pass away. A new option introduced today, lets you appoint a Legacy Contact who will be able to manage some functions of your account. A legacy contact CAN: Write …

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Grandparenting Across the Pond – Staying in Your Transcontinental Grandkids’ Lives

Grandparenting when you Grandchild is in a different country

It’s exciting to have grandchildren no matter where they are, but it can be a little heartbreaking when there’s an ocean between you. In our world today, it’s increasingly common for people to go overseas for work. It’s also increasingly common for people to make the permanent move abroad and “go native” in their new adopted home. If you find …

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An iPhone Even a Technophobe Can Love

grandma and her chocolate phone

For most people a new iPhone for Christmas would be a sweet gift. That’s not always the case. Take the grandparent who has a comfortable relationship with their land line and introduce them to a state of the art smart phone and you might not see the joy and glee you expect. In this case, a grandma who is content with her land …

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