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Love Pics of the Grandkids? Check Out NanaGram The perfect gift for the hard to buy for grandparent

Happy NanaGrammers

My kids complain that I am a hard person to shop for. Either I already have what I want or I feel like I have too much stuff already. Recently I stumbled onto a great gift idea for me! Now all I need to do is let my kids know about it before Christmas. I love seeing new pictures of …

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Grandparents Day Around the World When is Grandparents Day Celebrated in other Countries?

Grandparents Day Around the World

Grandparents Day began in the United States in 1978. It has spread to numerous countries world-wide. While many countries celebrate some form of grandparents there is no recognized world wide Grandparents Day. Some countries set a specific day (ex: July 26th), while others set it on a particular weekend (ex: 2nd Sunday of October). In Australia, Grandparents Day has been adopted one state at …

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Sharing photos: Grandparents and Grandchildren Review series of the best tools around

Photo Sharing Options

Tools to share photos and movies of life events have never been as accessible as they are today. Pull out your digital camera, smartphone, tablet or Ipad and get ready to share great memories of your grandchildren. In this series we will guide grandparents through 6 popular digital tools for sharing photos with family. At times the new options can seem daunting, …

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Caldecott Medal Winners 2015 – Distinguished Picture Book for Children

2015 Caldecott Medal Winners

The American Library Association (ALA) announced on 2/4/15 the top books, video and audio books for children and young adults at its Midwinter Meeting in Chicago. The Winner of the Randolph Caldecott Medal for the most distinguished American picture book for children was: “The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend,” illustrated by Dan Santat, is the 2015 Caldecott Medal winner. …

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Pick a Great Grandpa Name, for new Grandfathers

Grandpa Names - Find a great one

Congrats, Grandpa! Soon your wife will hold your brand-new family member and forget to share. The little child of your not-so-little-anymore-child. What a blessed headache. But, before we get too excited about the little fireball of energy and smelly diapers, let’s spend a segment of our thoughts on you. This precious creature is your grandbaby. Now is the time to …

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Choosing a Grandma Name for a new Grandmother

Grandma names find yours!

Congrats, Grandma! Soon you will be holding your brand-new family member. Your baby’s baby. What a blessing. But, before we get too excited about the tiny human about to join your clan, let’s spend a moment to think about you. This baby is going to look to you for love and support. It’s going to have to call you something. …

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How to Find the Perfect Grandparent Name

Choose the Perfect New Grandparent Name

A New Name for a Grand New You!   There aren’t many times in a life where you get to choose what your name will be. Becoming a grandparent is one of them. All of a sudden you get to figure out what the next generation of your family will call you for the rest of your life. It can be a …

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The Grandparent You Want to Be – Creating Your Grandparent Identity

Finding Your Grandparent Identity

It’s not often that you get to totally remake your identity, especially after the age of about 50. But in the eyes of your young grandchildren, you aren’t anyone else except for grandma or grandpa. Grandparenting gives you this chance and it’s good to give some thought to how you want the little one to see you. In other words, …

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An iPhone Even a Technophobe Can Love

grandma and her chocolate phone

For most people a new iPhone for Christmas would be a sweet gift. That’s not always the case. Take the grandparent who has a comfortable relationship with their land line and introduce them to a state of the art smart phone and you might not see the joy and glee you expect. In this case, a grandma who is content with her land …

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Grandparently – A Definition

There are various names which apply to different roles and relationships. The same person is at different times (or in different relationships) a boy, man, father, or grandfather. This applies in the same way to girl, woman, mother and grandmother. Each of these words is a noun. They indicate a person but lack any indication of action or intent. It is possible to be a grandmother …

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