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In the News: Mitt and Ann Romney Welcome 23rd Grandchild

Mitt and Ann Romney welcome 23rd grandchild

On Monday Jan. 19 Mitt and Ann Romney took to twitter to announce the birth of their 23rd grandchild. The former Governor of Massachusetts tweeted ‘Excited to welcome another blessing into our lives: grandbaby #23 is here (really this time). Congrats Craig & Mary!’ Craig and Mary Romney are the parents of the newest member of the Romney Family. They …

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From Newborn to Toddler: The First Year of Development

From Newborn to Toddler-In-Training – Watching a baby reach developmental milestones is one of the greatest pleasures of grandparenthood. Whether your grandbaby lives with you full-time or just visits for occasional bonding time, you need to know what to watch for as they move toward their first birthday. They will change a lot in this first year, and you don’t …

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Review – The Grandparents Handbook

Grandparents Handbook

Introduction The Grandparents Handbook by Elizabeth LaBan with Nana Barbara Trostler and Grandpa Myron Laban is a good first resource for both veteran and new grandparents. Assuming that you want to be the best grandparent you can, this book is rich with practical advice and ideas. Hardcover binding, 192 pages. US price $16.95. Content/Format It begins with basic baby information on: diapers, swaddling, soothing, sleeping, burping and …

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Childproofing Your Home for Active Toddlers – Toddler-Proofing Made Simple

Child proofing for grandchild safety

Every grandparent wants their grandchildren to be safe and happy. A few simple precautions can help you make your home a safe environment for your grandkids. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, the leading causes of nonfatal injuries for children under the age of nine are falls, strikes from or against hard objects, animal bites and bee …

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The Grandparent You Want to Be – Creating Your Grandparent Identity

Finding Your Grandparent Identity

It’s not often that you get to totally remake your identity, especially after the age of about 50. But in the eyes of your young grandchildren, you aren’t anyone else except for grandma or grandpa. Grandparenting gives you this chance and it’s good to give some thought to how you want the little one to see you. In other words, …

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Low Tech Fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s House

Activities with Grandchildren

How to Beat Your Grandkids’ Digital Devices –  We live in a high-tech age where nearly everyone carries a handheld computer in their pocket. These devices can turn people into “smartphone zombies” and that includes your grandchildren. All of this is tough for analog grandparents to understand. What on that tiny screen could possibly be so amazing or interesting? While …

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Grandparenting Across the Pond – Staying in Your Transcontinental Grandkids’ Lives

Grandparenting when you Grandchild is in a different country

It’s exciting to have grandchildren no matter where they are, but it can be a little heartbreaking when there’s an ocean between you. In our world today, it’s increasingly common for people to go overseas for work. It’s also increasingly common for people to make the permanent move abroad and “go native” in their new adopted home. If you find …

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Grandparenting in the Age of the Smartphone

Grandparents and Grandchildren smartphone selfie

Six Tips to not get Out-Smart-Phoned – Sure, every generation of grandparents bemoans the sorry state of the world today and the impact on our grandkids. Technology is wonderful but it can also give us a great deal to complain about. If you look at all of the “smartphone zombies” you can see in any given public place, you know …

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An iPhone Even a Technophobe Can Love

grandma and her chocolate phone

For most people a new iPhone for Christmas would be a sweet gift. That’s not always the case. Take the grandparent who has a comfortable relationship with their land line and introduce them to a state of the art smart phone and you might not see the joy and glee you expect. In this case, a grandma who is content with her land …

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Grandparently – A Definition

There are various names which apply to different roles and relationships. The same person is at different times (or in different relationships) a boy, man, father, or grandfather. This applies in the same way to girl, woman, mother and grandmother. Each of these words is a noun. They indicate a person but lack any indication of action or intent. It is possible to be a grandmother …

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