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Grandparently is a publisher of news, information and resources for active, engaged grandparents. Our target audience is the 70 million grandparents in the United States, including the 1.7 new grandparents each year. Three quarters of our audience is between the ages of 45-65  and almost all are actively engaged in the lives of children.  The buying power of this audience both for their own interests and needs as well as for grandchildren is significant. If you would like to reach this audience, Grandparently is the place to do it.

We accept high quality advertisers catering to the 50+ age group,  grandparents or the grandchildren market. Opportunities include:

  • CPM based banners
  • Email Newsletter Sponsorship
  • Sponsored Give-A-Ways
  • Advertiser initiated content
  • and more, make an inquiry.

For information about our advertising options and details about our site, contact us via the form below. We only work with reputable businesses and their agencies.

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